Interior Mechanical Load Scales

Right Weigh Interior Mechanical Load Scales

Our interior mechanical scales are designed for mounting in the truck dash panel, inside the cab. The gauge will fit any standard 2 1/16 inch gauge hole. This scale can monitor air suspension single or tandem axle groups monitored by one height control valve, commonly a tractor’s tandem drives. For dedicated tractor and trailer, a second interior load scale can be used to determine the weight of the trailer tandems using a quick connect between the tractor and trailer. For a drive axle with two height control valves, a supplementary valve called the dual height control valve is necessary for connection. Each interior dash scale comes with a 7-color LED black light.

 Product #: 510-16KG 510-21KG & 510-25KG
Max height control valves 1 1
Max axle groups monitored 1 1
Max axles / axle group 1 2/3
Weight display options Axle group weight Axle group weight
Color -Black
Mount type In-dash In-dash
Max weight display 16,000 KG 21,000 LG or 25,000 KG
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years